Coach, How Can I Move Up In The Profession?
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 20, 2017

As we head into Thanksgiving week there are some coaches who are reaping the benefits of a job well done as they enjoy another week in the playoffs. Staying alive and to still be playing high school football after Thanksgiving is hard, no matter who you are, and you are to be congratulated on your season thus far. We here at FirstDown PlayBook wish you the best as you continue to advance in the playoffs!

However, as each week passes now, there will only be half as many teams and coaches who will get to focus on game planning and taking one more step, while most of us are regulated to spending time thinking about next season and this also includes our personal professional goals.

This is also the time of year that we often get the question from young coaches “How can I move up in the profession?” It’s a fair question because as we all know there are a lot more coaches than there are seats to put them in so it is an extremely competitive profession, especially for a young coach.

We are going to address this over the next few weeks with a few tidbits of advice here and there for a young coach who has aspirations of climbing the high school, college and maybe even the NFL ranks.

Obviously there is no magic formula. Yes, who you know and hard work will always be key ingredients but there are still ways to enhance how you go about it and make sure that you are working smart as well as hard.

So bookmark our Coaches Community website as each Monday for the next few weeks we will tackle this topic and we will even answer your questions if you have them from time to time. We look forward to it and we hope you will join us!

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