Coaching The Small Flag Footballers?
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 17, 2017

FirstDown PlayBook has over 450 flag football plays in your football playbook. The very early FirstDown PlayBook flag plays were all drawn with the very young flag footballers in mind! Well, we all know how much flag football has grown over the past several years. Heck, we even have former NFL players out there slinging the ball around on flag football fields now!

Well that’s great because we want to get this game out there and how to play it correctly to as many people as we can young and old(er)!

What we don’t want to happen though is for our play volume to be so vast that you youth flag football coaches can’t find what you need for the little dudes and dudettes. So we have put together a short video for you and essentially what it’s telling you is how you can get to the FirstDown PlayBook 5v5 flag football Quick Game section which has a lot of plays that are tailor made for your young flag footballers!


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