Coaching Youth Flag Football Is Teaching Football
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 31, 2018

You’ve heard FirstDown PlayBook talk a lot about how flag football for kids is blowing up as everyone seems to be sorting through the safety issues that are in the news surrounding tackle football. We’ve stayed away from it because we feel like it’s a 100% personal issue. The individual parent needs to make that decision for their child.

What we have been adamant about is that if your son or daughter is going to participate in flag you need to make sure they are learning football.  If they are not, then they are going to lose ground on the other kids who are participating in organized tackle football.

We believe there is a lot to be learned about 11 man football while playing flag football. For those of you who scoff at this be careful because there is this thing called 7 on 7 that is rapidly taking over our kid’s summers and the last time we checked there were no lineman in that game either.

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So here is what we have done. We have attempted to provide the coach/parent with well designed flag football plays that are not only based on proven football principles but are also easy for the players to understand and easy for the coach to teach.

There is a color and symbol system that is geared towards the coach and the QB. It is based on the same 11 man football principle that everyone does their assignment full speed and the QB will go through his read progression. Every play has at least three options for the QB.

Based on the youth flag football games we have personally watched we are pretty sure that a coach could take one of our FirstDown PlayBook plays and run it multiple times as the QB goes through his reads and gets the ball to different players.


As you can see, we not only color code the plays for the coach and the QB but we also provide coaching points for every player so the assistant coaches/parents can teach each player with confidence. The slides below explain the color and symbol system.

One last thing before we go. We are not claiming to have all of the answers for your flag football team but if you are a busy parent/coach we do have quick easy proven plays that take the guess work out of it for you. So enjoy the play and  tap on any of the slides to learn more!

TW Notes: Colors


TW Notes: Symbols


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On January 6, 2019 FirstDown PlayBook is going to hand the chalk back to you, the coach. You will finally have the capability of editing our database of plays, which should be pushing 40,000 by then, as well as create your own plays. Want it first and for less? Bang on the football to your left to learn how.


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