Complimentary Plays Not Complicated Plays
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 4, 2018

Football coaches can sometimes be their own worst enemies when it comes to organizing a game plan for a football game. They start with good intentions and the initial intention is to keep the game plan simple and manageable for the players and the coaches.

However, after a play or two fails to work as the coach has drawn it up they become a little more insecure about their team’s execution. That’s when they begin to try to solve the problem with new and different plays that their team normally will execute even more poorly than the initial set of plays because they have not practiced them as much!

We do not want to beat a dead horse here because we are often harping on this very thing. So today we want to not just preach a little but also give you an example of how you can keep your blocking scheme very simple and run two youth football plays that attack entirely different parts of the field. Take a look at the video or if you want to go directly to this youth section tap here!


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