Create Numbers On Your Kickoff Coverage
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 27, 2017

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Oklahoma StateThe following is an article that we posted back in 2015 about kickoff coverage. We saw this technique put to use a couple of weeks ago and it reminded us of this post. Although it’s pretty late in the season to be tinkering with too much on your offense, defenses or special teams we thought this might be something you could utilize even as we head into November!

You’re running down on the Kickoff cover team and you are one of the first guys down the field. You know the dealCHIP & WRAP, find the ball, squeeze the ball, tackle the ball, right? The reason you’re in this situation is that you are one of the fastest guys down the field and you are likely to be the “first in” to the return.

You look up and you see one of the return team running with his back to you as he is attempting to get his depth to make his block. The block he is trying to make is not on you but instead on your teammate who is a few strides behind you. Most players will just avoid and get to their fit or the tackle as best they can.

Here’s where you are different. You do the math and know that a blocker eliminated is one more of your buddies who will be free to the ball. Good ball players play with their hands and their feet. Your feet got you there, now take your hands and send this blocker sprawling. It’s legal and it’s a great play. You are on defense. Use your hands and eliminate this guy from blocking our teammate. You are taking advantage of his poor technique. He should never take his eyes off of his blocking assignment for long enough to let this happen.

Sometimes you can even include it in the scheme if you know who is most likely to be doubled teamed. The diagram above shows an example of the return team attempting to double the R3. The R2 is taught that if he sees this to chip the outside of the double team just enough to disrupt the double team without giving himself up as they both run full speed to cover. The R3 is taught to run full speed and to actually draw the double team before he wraps around the R2 and the double. More often than not this frees two cover guys to the ball and totally throws off the return scheme.

There are so many little ways to gain an edge in the kicking game if you work at it. FirstDown PlayBook is here to help you with detailed scheme and technique help.

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