Cutler & Gase Begin 2017
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 18, 2017

Make no mistake about it, it is extremely hard to replace your quarterback early in the year and get to where you want to be by the end of the season. It always helps though if the replacement quarterback and the coach have a history like Jay Cutler and Adam Gase do in Miami.

They were off to a nice start last night as the Dolphins squared off with the Ravens in pre-season game number two. It seems that Adam Gase has a way with Cutler that can help eliminate the interceptions and keep the offense on the field. Here is a nice play-action pass early in the first quarter last night.

The offensive line and Runningback do a good job of wadding up this Will Linebacker zone dog. This could have been a very hard pickup as the Dolphins were play faking right into the pressure and the Tight End was actually vacating right where the Will Linebacker was coming. Damien Williams, the Runnungback does a good job picking up the Will LB, The X, Devante Parker runs a nice lazy four route inside and finally Jay Cutler does what Cutler can do at times…rifle the ball over the middle splitting the zone coverage for a big gain!


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