DC Defenders Up & Under Touchdown
By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 9, 2020

There are a lot of ways to scheme up a punt protection. Getting favorable numbers and forcing a spread punt team to communicate is one way but not the only way.

One year we did a study in the NFL and found that more punts were blocked with a six man front than with seven or eight man attacks. Why? Well, like most situations in football it got down to one on one match ups.

Watching the first week of the new XFL yesterday it showed up again. The DC Defender edge rusher does a great job of executing an up and under on Seattle Dragons’ right slot. He works the slot upfield just enough to get his weight on his outside foot.

He then does a great job of working flat back down inside on the line of scrimmage to get inside of the slot’s post foot. He then gets back to vertical to the block point after clearing the slot. He ends up blocking the punt and should have scored a touchdown.

Good Special Teams coaches and  players look for ways to expose small technique flaws like this. They also take time to work on simple techniques like the “up and under” for five minutes a week. A lot of times it is after practice when most of the team has already left the practice field.

We know that many of you employ the shield punt scheme but either way this can come in handy. If you have a player on your team who has a knack for blocking kicks and the work ethic to get better give him the tools to help you win a football game.

FirstDown PlayBook includes a technique section with every one of our eight special teams phases. These techniques are similar to the one you see below and the one who helped the DC Defenders win their first XFL game!

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