Defending Oddball Youth Football Formations
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 10, 2020

Every year about this time the internet is flooded with youth football help from folks who take the rest of the year off from football. Depending on how you look at it much of this information is sad or humorous.

It’s humorous from the standpoint that you end up seeing these very odd offensive formations that look more like they belong in a rugby scrum, not football.

It’s sad because the only thing the system is promoting is a way to win. Just everyone pile into this “wedge” formation and let’s get 4-5 yards every play. Teaching the fundamentals and technique involved with the game of football be damned as long as you win right?

The hard part is that defending these oddball youth football formations forces a youth football defensive coach to design a silly defense to stop it. Here at FirstDown PlayBook we are going to devote some time on this later because you can run an offense out of this if you do the right things.

For today however, we want o los at some very legitimate youth football offensive formations that you may have to defend this season. Unbalanced and Heavy formations are common at all levels of football and FirstDown PlayBook spends a lot of time helping youth football coaches defense them.

Watch this video to learn more…

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