Defending Warp Speed No Huddle Offenses
By Gino Arcaro on Feb 8, 2018

Today FirstDown PlayBook guest coach Gino Arcaro writes about how his answers to defending the No Huddle Hurry Up Offense started with his team’s conditioning.

The best learning experience that taught me how to defend a Warp-speed no huddle was by coaching a warp-speed no huddle.

In 1991, I had two unpaid coaching jobs annually – high school head coach in the Fall and defensive coordinator of an AAU-style 22-under summer team. The 1991 high school job was a turning point of my offensive philosophy. I floored it on offense. I had gradually sped up my offense between 1985-1991. In 1991, I installed the 8-second rule – the ball had to be snapped within 8 seconds of the ball being spotted. At that time, our warp-speed, high school no-huddle was ground-oriented. Our run-pass ratio was Over 80 – over 80% run, less than 20% pass. The reason was it worked out – dual meaning. Ground-oriented no-huddle shifted the balance of power and working out was the main reason why it worked out.

My high school team functioned in the dysfunctional – in the worst Football Poverty imaginable. We were poor in all resources – financial, human, and physical. The best way I found to compete with and beat the rich teams in 1991 was a warp-speed ground-oriented no-huddle. The main element in warp-speed, ground-pound, no-huddle underdog success is strength & conditioning. That became my first lesson in defending the no-huddle – strength & conditioning. Get stronger, last longer. Lasting longer, we moved out of last place where my high school program had been stuck in.

In 1991, I identified 20 elements of defending a warp-speed no-huddle. Number one on the list was X Fitness – extreme strength & conditioning through “Multiplication Training.” The X represented: (i) the variable, referring to the unknown capacity of strength + fitness for our team and their team (ii) the amount of times that fitness can multiply your strength + fitness while diminishing theirs.

It is impossible to defend and completely stop a warp-speed no-huddle unless your entire defense matches “fuel capacity” in mind, body, and soul, with the no-huddle offense you are defending.  All 20 elements are important but none of them matter if your defense doesn’t match the offense’s strength + fitness level.

The number one reason for the sustained success of our no-huddle offense with impoverished high school teams was the 10-90 Rule. Our no-huddle diminished our opponent’s fuel capacity between 90% and 10%. Film study showed wide-ranging conclusions and evidence. Here’s what topped the list – generally, we played with a full-tank, they played with a half-tank.  They ran out of gas as we ran up points. Full-speed versus half-speed. Full-strength versus half-strength.

I converted that finding to the number one principle to stop a no-huddle. As defensive coordinator, my first objective was to raise the bar – dual meaning. Raise fitness standards and raise fitness practices. Warp-speed, no-huddle offense is a special mindset, and marked departure from conventional football. So is defending it. Defending a no-huddle is equally a special mindset itself. Defending a warp-speed no-huddle requires an ideology based on extreme fitness. Ordinary strength & conditioning isn’t enough. The good news is that training to defend a warp-speed no-huddle will dramatically improve your defense against offenses that huddle.

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Football Head coach – Niagara X-Men Football

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