Defense Builder Is So Comprehensive It Hurts!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 19, 2017

FirstDown PlayBook is all over the map when it comes to our playbook content and installation. We are pretty bold when it comes to the number of football plays and football playbook reference material we make available to you.

The most ambitious section in FirstDown PlayBook might be our in our defensive section where we let you build your own defense with our “Defensive Builder” section. This section is so comprehensive that there are actually some defenses that we here at FirstDown PlayBook would not use unless faced with a unique situation.

You are probably asking “How can that be?” Well today’s short video explains how FirstDown PlayBook’s exponential and comprehensive approach to building this section can lead to some defenses that you might not want to make the staple of your game plan however they serve their purpose as we continue building this ground breaking approach to defensive football! Want to learn more? Bang on the Defense below!


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