Defense Builder Motion Adjust Coverages
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 11, 2018

Any time you start fitting defenses up to a lot of different formations there are going to be more than one way to do it. Add in motion and Tight End trade adjustments and the variety of ways to adjust become plentiful also.

As FirstDown PlayBook has been installing your Defense Builder over the past few years we have had to pick our initial direction knowing that we can always come back and add to the section at a later date. After all, we don’t ever plan on stopping the FirstDown PlayBook installations.

The Defense Builder 34 Bear motion adjustments that we worked on, and are still working on, from this weekend is a great example. We are initially playing what most of you coaches would call “Stay” coverage as we adjust to all of the different motions you can get from an offense.

Stay coverage is where the defense is going to play the coverage called regardless of what the offense does formationally before the snap. Now, we are going to be the first ones to tell you that this is not always the best way to do it and we know that most of you will play your coverages based on single or double width formations.

This mornings post is just to let you know that we will get there. Here are two things to keep in mind:

  1. One of our goals is to get basically any and all combinations with fronts, coverages and defensive adjustments that are possible so that when the editing tool is launched in January you will never have a combination that you cannot find to start from.
  2. We understand that in the process of getting this done we are going to draw up some less than normal defensive looks like playing cover 2 with a Bear front for instance. We will do this however so that you will have a complete catalog with no gaps in it. It’s your business and choice on what you use and do not use.

So as you look at this weekend’s install understand that there is a method to our madness and you will be the one who benefits in the end!

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