Defensive Pressure Adjustment Detail
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 28, 2018

In a world where most of what you find out there, is going to have a defense drawn up against one or maybe two formations and you are totally left on your own to think about defensive adjustments to motion and trades, FirstDown PlayBook really stands out. As you will see any time we install a defense on FirstDown PlayBook the detail is off the charts especially when you compare it to the other defensive help that you find when you are forced to google looking for on line answers. There’s a reason you can’t find the FirstDown PlayBook detail anywhere else.

The reason most people don’t help you with adjustments is:

  1. It is a lot of detailed work to consider all of the defensive adjustments for a pressure.
  2. There are normally multiple ways to adjust to various formations and motions fo any pressure.
  3. There has to be a set of consistent rules that allow your players to easily adjust quickly.

This is one of the arts that FirstDown PlayBook has continued to evolve as we talk to you the coaches who use our website. We understand that many of you are young and new to the profession. FirstDown PlayBook’s goal is not to tell you how to coach your football team but instead let you see the one or two common approaches and allow you to grow as you study our drawings

So as you visit FirstDown PlayBook and are reviewing our latest Varsity installation keep that in mind and as this short video will explain there is a lot of work that goes into the FirstDown PlayBook approach to installing our defenses but we think it’s time well spent that you will appreciate.

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