Defensive Pressure Detail Is For You & Your Players
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 5, 2017

FirstDown PlayBook gets the question all the time. “Is it really necessary to draw all of your defensive pressures against so many motions, trades and offensive shifts?” It’s a fair question and no doubt we could be accused of overkill but we think it is important.

The primary reason we do it is because we think that most people (aka football players in this case) are visual. Our thirty years of football coaching has taught us that when describing something verbally or writing it out in text there is a tremendous possibility for the player to be thinking an entirely different thing than what is in the coaches mind.

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we are trying to eliminate that from happening. So as we draw our football plays you will often see us draw up obscure scenarios along with the base drawings because we know it only takes one play, one defense, one blown scheme to make everyone unhappy on Saturday morning.

We will also say this. When the editing tool comes out in 2018 you will have the opportunity to take the chalk back at the end of the process and make an edit or two so when that happens we think you, the coach will be happy if you have as many drawings to choose from as you coach your players!

So today as you go into FirstDown PlayBook understand that the reason there are so many adjustments to various formations, motions, shifts and trades to our latest defensive pressure is because we think it’s worth the extra time and energy. It’s worth it for you and more importantly worth it for your players.


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