Do You Ever Kick It Down The Middle?
By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 10, 2018

By now our FirstDown PlayBook faithful knows we have  never been a big proponent of kicking the ball down the middle of the field on Kickoff.

Our thinking? That field is way to big to defend and there are just too many talented dudes back there and if you give them a complete field to work with. If you give them space to work with it can be an ugly day for the Kickoff unit.

I have heard coaches at clinics make the point that they coach their kicker to kick it out of the end zone and the easiest way to accomplish that is to drive it down the middle. The content that if he misses that kick and it’s returnable the kickoff unit had better be ready to cover a middle kick. It’s a fair point.


Most of you high school coaches are snickering to yourself right now though because your young kicker is not going to kick it out of the end zone. Your world is all about putting the ball where your team can cover it.

So we are curious. What do you think? We would love your feedback on this. How many of you kick it down the middle and why? How many of you would never (at least try to) kick it down the middle of the field? Go over to Twitter and let us know today by voting on our poll.



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