Don’t Let The Red Zone Give You Brain Freeze
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 19, 2018

For what ever reason, this past weekend FirstDown PlayBook was paying particularly close attention to the college and NFL offenses in the red zone. It has always been a source of contention with us over the years that when offenses get into the red zone they seem to prematurely make their mind up that the run game is not an option. We saw that rear it’s ugly head again this weekend.

Please don’t get us wrong, we certainly understand that the safeties are essentially lined up at linebacker depth as the field is reduced. However, we are not sure that offensive coordinators test those safeties and find out if they really want to tackle up in a hole sometimes.

The other obvious consideration is that most defensive coordinators like to heat you up in the red zone, looking for a sack to knock you out of field goal range or to create a turnover. This can understandably get the offensive coordinator thinking pass. However and finally we will get to our point today.

It is almost so predictable in the red zone these days that a coordinator is going to play one on one football with a fade or jump ball throw in the corner of the end zone. Yes a favorable one on one match up is something to look for but here at FirstDown PlayBook we have always favored a sucker punch of sorts where everyone in the stadium doesn’t stand up and point to where the ball is going pre-snap.

We did see some some great execution in the red zone on the part of the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday against the Patriots as they ran a double china look underneath a pylon corner by their tight end. Because offensive coordinator, Nate Hackett called it from the three or four yard line it created a natural pick uh… we mean a rub on the defender playing man coverage on the tight end and a touchdown was the result.

As soon as we saw it we nodded because we recognized it as one of our many red zone plays that we have drawn up in FirstDown PlayBook. If you want to learn more about this useful varsity section watch this short video or heck, go right to this section if you are a FirstDown PlayBook member!

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