Don’t Miss The April 30 StaffPack Deadline
By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 15, 2018

We are now at the official halfway point of April and if you feel like it just started a couple of days ago you are not alone. So it reasons to understand that we will all feel the same way in a couple of weeks when we flip the calendar over to May!

The reason we are hitting on this subject this morning is that we want to make sure you have plenty of time to get in on the FirstDown PlayBook discounts before they end on May 1. FirstDown PlayBook has made our StaffPack available to you for the rest of this month at a special early bird price.

The FirstDown PlayBook StaffPack allows you to get your entire league or organization using FirstDown PlayBook for $20.00 a coach. This is an 80% discount just for purchasing as a group and for purchasing in April.

To learn more about the specifics of this deal scroll down and click on the link to read more but the one important thing to know is that in order to take advantage of this discount you will need to contact us by phone (512) 814-6158 with a credit card or your StaffPack request will need to be postmarked before May 1.

That’s just two weeks away so don’t wait and let this date sneak up on you. Take some time to get your StaffPack request in and we will have all of your coaches using FirstDown PlayBook within 24 hours of receiving it!


FirstDown PlayBook StaffPack:

Now Until April 30: $300.00 For 15 Annual Memberships

What you get: 15 annual memberships to FirstDown PlayBook right now AND when the editing tool is released you will be eligible to purchase a StaffPack with the editing tool feature at the same price in 2019.

Important Points To Know:

  • The 2019 FirstDown PlayBook StaffPack will cost $700.00 for those who wait.
  • Your StaffPack members will get FirstDown PlayBook longer and pay a lot less by signing up now.

Tap Here To Sign Your Group, League Or Organization Up For A FirstDown PlayBook StaffPack.

Watch this short video to learn more about the FirstDown PlayBook StaffPack offer!

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