Don’t Play This Unless They Make You!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 8, 2018

Okay, this is the last time we are going to beat you up with all of this talk about playing with two deep safeties in your youth football team’s defense because we know that most of you don’t and that is a good thing.. However, we don’t want to just leave those of you coaches who are left to follow rules that require you to play two deep, hanging out there with no help or advice on how to handle this.

FirstDown PlayBook went in and put the finishing touches on two different versions of this two high safety scheme last week. We installed an even and an odd youth football defense with two high safeties. As you will see here in this video we are playing a modified version of 2 man coverage with both defenses.

To us, it does not make a lot of sense to play a traditional two deep coverage with your youth football defense, because all you are doing is covering the field and most of the time the quarterback you are defending is not capable of spraying the ball around enough to hurt your defense.

Our suggestion is to stay focused on the run game and that means the running back AND the quarterback because odds are they will hurt you more running the football than the quarterback ever will with their young arm.

So once again, the only reason to play this defense in youth football is if they require you to, but if that is the case, we think this video and this section of the FirstDown PlayBook youth football defense will help you a lot!


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