Double Moves Out Of Empty? Sure.
By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 21, 2018

FirstDown PlayBook has been installing DropBack passes out of our Empty and Empty Gun formations over the past two weeks.

For obvious reasons we have favored the quick game with throws that should be getting out of your quarterback’s hand with three step timing at the very latest.

However, like everything else those guys on the other side of the ball study video too and they will catch on pretty quickly if you never stretch the field on them out of Empty, or any other formation for that matter.

So, the two ways to hurt the defense is to either let your wideouts go beat them deep or you can bait the defense into biting on your quick game and then punish them with a double move.

Today FirstDown PlayBook installed five ways to do just that with double moves out of Empty formations and before you offensive line coaches have a cow, just know we have built in aspects on every play to help cover up the fact that you only have five or six protectors.

Watch today’s double move video to see one example, as we briefly coach up this “double hitch and go” out of Empty.


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