Draw & Edit Will Help Varsity Pass Protection
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 26, 2018

If you want too get an offensive line coach riled up start messing with his pass protections. Sure, they all love to talk about running the power and getting movement and pancakes but protections can be just plain hard.  Not only do you have to take into account the scheme involved but your personnel can often times be anything but suited for what your offensive coordinator has in mind in the pass game.

FirstDown PlayBook has a pretty extensive background with the offensive line and coaching those guys so we can definitely appreciate an offensive line coach and his challenges with protecting the quarterback. When we first installed the Varsity pass protection section we realized right away that we would need to treat it just like we did the run game.

What we mean by that is we were going to need to draw the pass protections up vs multiple fronts AND we were going to need to take the offensive formations into account as we drew the protections. Any offense line coach will tell you that a 2×2 formation gives you a whole different set of protection problems than a 3×1 formation does.

As we were creating this however, we always had in the back of our mind that when we developed the FirstDown Playbook Draw & Edit tool this section was going to be a powerful thing for any offensive line coach and pass protection. After all, most of the work is already done and all the offensive line coach needs to do is edit the defense and the protection slightly. We know this will make our offensive line coaches very happy because they all would rather be teaching their players how to “kick slide” instead of drawing up protections, that is unless they could watch video of the power one more time…


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