If You Are In We Draw Your Football Plays
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 18, 2017

This one is so simple that we are not going to spend a lot of time explaining it but there is one huge advantages some football staffs will have over others in 2018.

The first advantage is that some football staffs will be creating their digital playbook and pushing it out to their team on a daily basis in about 10% of the time that other football staffs are trying to draw a decent looking black and white play that they hope their players will look at on paper.

A second advantage is that for the football staffs who get in early we are going to take your input on what to install on FirstDown PlayBook up until the editing tool is released. That just means that a lot of your plays, defenses and schemes will already be in the playbook waiting for you in 2018. That is of course if you get signed up early like a ton of football staffs have already done.


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