Drop Your YouTube Video Into FirstDown PlayBook
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 8, 2020

As FirstDown PlayBook head coach Mike Singletary likes to say, “The more ways you can teach your players, the better off you and the player are going to be.”

We understood from the very first day of building FirstDown PlayBook 2.0 that video integration was going to be important. You have noticed that we recently launched an API that allows us to easily integrate with other platforms.

This is a pretty big deal and something that will make your life as a coach a lot better in the coming months. There are some other things that we have done in the meantime to help you out with the play drawing/video combo.

We created a download button that allows you to quickly and easily download your play drawings to your desktop or a dedicated folder. This allows you to quickly drop your play drawings into your video provider’s system.

We also want you to know if you want to use a YouTube video you can use that right in FirstDown PlayBook. It’s quick. It’s easy. And with the quality that Youtube offers these days it’s pretty darn effective.

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