Edit Your Quarterback’s Drop To Fit Your System
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 11, 2019

The timing of the quarterback’s drop with the receiver’s route depth is no new thing when it comes to successfully throwing the football. However the challenge that FirstDown PlayBook has had to deal with over the past several years is that we were trying to create three passing plays in one before the Draw and Edit tool made it’s debut a couple of months ago.

What we mean is that we were having to draw every pass play up with the quarterback in the gun, in the the pistol, and under the center. Now that you have the ability to edit your quarterback position as well as your protection back, it’s a much better deal for both you and us!

What hasn’t changed is the terminology that we use when we describe the quarterback’s drop. You will hear the term “timing” used frequently in the FirstDown PlayBook Varsity DropBack section. It’s an important term to understand because when we write the coaching points for all of your DropBack passes we are still writing them not knowing where your quarterback is going to line up. We leave that up to you as you edit the play!

All quarterback coaches know that a 5 step drop turns into a 3 step drop when the quarterback is in the gun so it’s important to understand the critical word “timing” when you use the FirstDown PlayBook coaching points for your drop back passes!

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