Empty Solutions: A Quarterback Is Still A Back.
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 23, 2017

When the Offense comes out in an empty backfield set a lot of things go through a Defensive Coordinator’s mind. If the Quarterback can throw it a lick the vertical threats and seams all have targets that are on the line of scrimmage ready to go.

It’s not like there is only one form of Empty formation either. It could be 3×2 or 4×1 and yes there has been the occasional mad scientist offensive coordinator who will line up in unbalanced with five receivers to one side and one very sneaky Tackle to the other.

Does the Empty formation have a Tight End attached thus making it a possibility of six man protection? What personnel is in the game? After all, they could just be spreading you out to shift back into a two back offense and run the ball right at you.

Finally there is the motion that could be just inside to get across the formation on the snap quicker or maybe it’s across the formation to make the defense adjust on the run to defend the aforementioned seams and verticals. As of late the defenses have had to pay close attention to the depth of that motion because the QB might just stick the ball in the gut of a jet sweep runner.

With all of these things to defend it’s easy to see how the guy standing back there all alone and who handles the ball on every snap can be at the very least hard to defend and even forgotten about when it comes to the run game threat. That’s why today FirstDown PlayBook is beginning to install our Empty or No Back formation run game! Tap on the play to learn more!


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