Evaluate Special Teams First This Off-Season
By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 7, 2017

fdpb-wide_400x100So your 2017 football season is over. You have taken a couple of weeks to let the pain deaden some and the realization set in that you have more time on your hands and life is not nearly as exciting. It’s hard when Friday nights roll around and you are not playing and yet others are mixing it up in the playoffs. It happens every year though because that’s the way it is supposed to happen. If everyone went to the playoffs, the playoffs wouldn’t mean the much.

Here is our proposal to you. As you begin your off-season evaluation and preparation this year, do it a little differently than you have in the past. Start with your Special Teams as you begin to research and study in the off-season. The months of December and January are such low pressure months that they allow you to slow down and study a special teams phase for a week at a time and put the time into it that it deserves before all of the other pieces of the puzzle demand your attention.


Here’s what else it will do for you. By the time clinic season and the spring rolls around you will have specific questions as you begin to visit colleges and other programs. Instead of having the questions after you leave that don’t ever get answered most of the time.

You will also find that as you study your special teams video you will see plenty of techniques and fundamentals that can be incorporated into your winter conditioning that don’t require a ball. These drills will make your team better not only on special teams but on offense and defense as well.

So yeah, it stinks to not be playing at this point in the season but if you’re a coach you do what all coaches do. Start looking to the next game and how you can get better by the time you play it.

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