The Fathers Day Gift That Keeps Giving!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 7, 2017

Most of you just went “Oh man! Fathers Day! Is that this weekend?” Relax. You have ten days, not three to come up with a great idea to make the Dad in your life happy this year. Don’t relax too much though because June 18 will be here sooner than most of us have time to fit shopping into our schedule.

That’s why FirstDown PlayBook is a great idea. It’s a perfect solution for both of you. It’s perfect for you because you just have to tap on the banner below and you can get your guy a Fathers Day gift that he will still be using this time next year. It’s perfect for him because this is the most complete football playbook reference tool on the planet and we all know how much time he spends trying to find plays and coaching help.

The icing on the cake is the fact that we are going to give you a great Fathers Day $20 discount just for using our Fathers Day Promo-code FATHER17!

Now of course if you ARE the Dad in your house then you might want to steer the crowd this way before you are wearing your Fathers Day gift as you struggle to find decent football playbook help here in a month or so!


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