Find 7on7 Ideas With Passing Concepts
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 18, 2018

There are many different ways that football coaches think about the passing game. One coach may immediately think formations while another might first start with the coverage they are trying to beat.

There is a third group of coaches who understand that their quarterback and receivers just get and execute a certain concept so well that they want to find as many ways to run it as possible. When you do this you essentially reduce the amount of teaching involved and instead let yourself and your players stay focused on running the concept to perfection.

Good offensive coordinators will package these passing concepts into formations that hide the play until the last second by using different players to run the same pattern or concept. Motions, shifts and trades are useful tools to add “window dressing” to the play so the defense does not start playing the play or cheating.

Finally, there is always a place for that “gotcha” play too when a double move or a slight variation of the pass play is run to expose and take full advantage of that defender who is cheating on a pass play. This not only proves to be effective with generating a big chunk gain but it also allows you to come right back to  your original concept once the defender has been burned.

So as you are using FirstDown PlayBook to add a little juice to your 7on7 game plan this summer don’t forget to use the Concepts section. Watch this short video to learn more…


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