Finding Passing Game Tweaks During The Season
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 7, 2017

If you are considering scrapping or have already scrapped your offense for the 2017 football season odds are it’s not going well and it’s our guess that it will not change that much. After all, there is a reason coaches put so much time into their schemes and preparation for all three phases of the game in the off season.

However, that is not to say that all tweaks and changes during the season are bad. Sometimes you have to make adjustments to what you are doing based on how your opponents are playing you or how your personnel is handling your base scheme. One of the most common ways a football coach looks for an adjustment or two on offense is in the passing game.

When you add a football play or two in the passing game the base protections can remain the same so your offensive line coach won’t be affected. As an offensive coordinator you are just usually looking for a way to inject a wrinkle or two into the passing game so the defensive backs are not sitting on your routes. This might include installing a new route concept or two but it also might also just involve running the same concept out of a different formation with motions to disguise the concept.

If you are doing a good job self-scouting yourself then you know exactly what the defense is working on and that should be what you have been doing the most and the best. The simple infusion of a double move or a concept that looks like one thing and is actually another can not only help you create a big play with the new football play but it can also make the original plays better too because the defense knows they better not cheat.

FirstDown PlayBook offers a football coach a very seamless way to find passing game concepts DURING the season as well as in the off season. If you are an offensive coordinator the last thing you have time for during the season is some big project where you research passing concepts. FirstDown PlayBook offers you a chance to quickly go in and find ideas that are similar to what you may already be running without wasting a lot of time.

Today’s video provides a quick explanation of what we mean by this. So if you are looking for a concept or two take a look and you will immediately see the benefit. If your offense is hitting on all cylinders right now maybe you don’t need a tweak right now but do yourself a favor and save this article because there won’t be many offensive coordinators that make it through this season without needing an idea or two in the passing game!

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