The FirstDown PlayBook
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 20, 2014

There are new and exciting things waiting just around the corner for you and FirstDown PlayBook in 2015. The FirstDown PlayBook three football apps have been a smashing success and they have taught us that there are a lot of folks out there hungry for football play content that is schematically sound and professionally drawn.

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Just as with any football team or coach there is always room for improvement though. FirstDown PlayBook has listened over the past two years and we you have spoken loudly. We know we need to expand into other areas of football and that’s exactly what we are doing. So keep your head on a swivel over the next couple of weeks for a huge announcement.

In the meantime continue to enjoy our football apps and all of the free football content FirstDown PlayBook provides you on a daily basis on our social media outlets! Thanks and Enjoy!

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