Not Your Grandpa’s Football PlayBook
By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 9, 2014





You asked for it and soon you will have it. Over the past three years we have answered many of your questions but none more than these two:

“I love the football apps but when are you going to have run plays or defense or (Insert your football specialty here)?

“I don’t have an iPad or iPhone. When are you going to have your apps on other platforms?”

In January of 2015 FirstDown PlayBook will give coaches, players and fans a place to find football plays for all phases and levels of football.

bluntHere is what it will look like:

1. It will be a web based site so regardless of what smart phone, tablet, laptop or home computer you have you will be able to use it.

2. We will begin to gradually move over all of our current content. The DropBack pass plays, Special Teams, Youth and Flag plays will be moved over to the new site. All of our technology that allows you to find the plays you are looking for will also be moved over.

3. We will add new football content to this football playbook including run plays, Play-Action passes, Boots & Nakeds, Protections and yes Defense.

4. This will allow us to add football content on a monthly basis. We will constantly be growing and improving and so will you.

If you want to get on a list to be notified when this is available  just take a quick look here or bang on the logos above!

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