FirstDown PlayBook 34 Bear Motion Adjustments
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 20, 2018

Some say we here at FirstDown PlayBook take it to an extreme with all of the ways we adjust our defenses to multiple formations and then multiple motions, trades and adjustments.

Some say I wouldn’t adjust that way I would rock the safety instead of bump the linebacker before they realize that eventually we are going to do it both ways.

Some say why don’t you just wait until you get the editing tool and not go through all of this craziness?

We say that we draw football plays and the more we draw the more you don’t and won’t have to. So the Defense Builder just got better with 34 Bear motion adjustments while playing cover 1 and 3 behind it.

FirstDown Playbook is about to change the way you think about preparing your football team.


FirstDown PlayBook is the only Digital Football PlayBook that gives you access to over thirty three thousand football plays, schemes and technique help all designed by coaches and players with NFL experience. FirstDown Playbook is also the official PlayBook resource of USA Football and Football Canada..

On January 6, 2019 FirstDown PlayBook is going to hand the chalk back to you, the coach. You will finally have the capability of editing our database of plays, which should be pushing 40,000 by then, as well as create your own plays. Want it first and for less? Bang on the football to your left to learn how.


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