FirstDown PlayBook 7on7 vs 7v7 Flag Plays
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 30, 2020

It’s that time of year where we get the questions about the FirstDown PlayBook 7on7 football plays and 7v7 Flag plays. We are particularly glad to get them this year as it means maybe we are getting back to playing a little ball again.

The FirstDown PlayBook 7v7 plays are found in the Varsity Offense section. These plays are essentially the same ones that you would use to coach your eleven man football offense.

Why do we draw the offensive line in these diagrams? Splits of course. The offensive tackles offer your slot and single receivers a reference point for where to line up.

As you can see from the two football plays that we have here for you today the plays can be very similar when it comes to 7v7 flag football plays. The main difference is that the center now becomes part of the concept.

Depending on what your rules on the center may block for protection or they actually may go out into a route. That’s up to you of course when you go into FirstDown PlayBook to edit your plays.

Want to learn more? Click on either of these two plays and we will explain.

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