FirstDown PlayBook Closes In On 500 Flag Plays
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 20, 2017

The FirstDown PlayBook Flag Football section is rapidly nearing 500 plays as we head into the 2017 fall football season. Why so much attention to flag football? Make no mistake about it, there is a flag football revolution going on out there.

The youth flag numbers are up as more and more parents feel comfortable with their sons and daughters breaking into the game of football with flag football initially. The high schools are getting in on the act as in places like the state of Florida 7v7 female flag football is tremendously popular.

Once a person graduates from high school and either goes to college or starts a career there are still many ways to stay involved with flag football. Universities and colleges are beginning to play games that resemble 7 on 7 football and flag football as opposed to the older rugby type games that could be found on campuses in years past.

Sports and Social clubs are getting in on the act too. Male, female and co-ed leagues can be found coast to coast as they understand what everyone does. This country loves football and even after the pads come off and maybe even if you never wore the pads this is a game that can be played throughout our young adulthood!

So as you watch the short video below, the question is not why so many flag football plays but instead where does it end and where does FirstDown PlayBook take it next?

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