FirstDown PlayBook DropBack: Concepts
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 10, 2014

We all have the same problem when it gets right down to it. We don’t have enough time. Time for our families. Time for our recreation and time for our work. We get it and that’s why FirstDown PlayBook is not just about football plays. Don’t get us wrong now, we have tons of plays but that’s half the point. They are useless unless you can quickly and easily find them.

3 ways

ConceptFirstDown PlayBook DropBack gives you three ways to sort through 5200 plus professionally drawn pass plays in seconds. The first way is CONCEPTS. It’s as simple as three taps on your iPhone screen:

1. Choose one of FirstDown PlayBook’s 10 formations

2. Choose one of FirstDown PlayBook’s 17 different concepts that are commonly used in the NFL or major college football.

3. You are now looking at multiple plays from that formation and Concept. Choose the one you want!


Want to check it out? Here you go!

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