FirstDown PlayBook Installs For July 11-16
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 11, 2017

The FirstDown PlayBook installs for this week will stay focused on the theme of getting the football out of your young Quarterback’s hand as we install a ton of three step passes for the the Tackle and the Flag areas.

The great thing about the quick passes that we install in the Varsity section is that these passes are also good for the young QB that might be 10-12 years old. If you are a youth football coach and you are getting your football plays from our Youth Offense section be sure to check out these installs too because they are a great stepping stone from youth football to varsity!

There are times when the Flag Football game can be faster than the tackle version so we are going to bolster our 5v5 Flag Football area with more quick game passes too. The plays in this install will be perfect for the young USA Football flagster and the adult who is looking at a pass rush that dictates that the ball get out now!


(Tap on the play to get there now!)

Tuesday July 11: 3×1 Quick Game Install (10 NEW PLAYS)



Thursday July 13: 5v5 Flag Football Quick Game Install (10 NEW PLAYS)



Saturday July 15: 2 Back Quick Game Install (10 NEW PLAYS)



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