FirstDown PlayBook Is The Best Drawing Tool. Here’s Why.
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 11, 2019

Have you ever noticed that when someone is trying to show you the latest greatest football play drawing tool that they immediately proceed to drawing you a pass play? There’s a reason for that. It’s easy. Yes, it is pretty easy to take an average football play drawing tool and diagram a pass play.

Now a run play is a different animal. Your players are all closer together on the page and you have a lot going on. On most run play diagrams your lines begin crossing one another and you essentially have ten to twelve player assignments to draw and to draw clearly even though they are all bunched together. It requires a lot of detail.

FirstDown PlayBook has lived that life. You see, we came up through quality control in major college football and then in the NFL. That experience means something because we have done what you are doing now. So when we began working with our software developer on the Draw and Edit tool we asked for the hard things to be done and done well. They delivered for us and more importantly, for you and your players.

This way when you are in your football office diagraming a football play it’s now a lot easier than it used to be regardless of how early in the morning or late at night it is. Anyone who has drawn football plays for a living knows exactly what we are talking about.

Watch this short video to see a couple of reasons that the FirstDown PlayBook Draw and Edit tool is simply best football play drawing tool on the planet.


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