FirstDown PlayBook Quarters Beater Week
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 21, 2017

Quarters coverage is a very popular way to play defense these days. The defensive coaches are seeing the dividends of reading receiver releases to get eight or nine defenders down vs the run, while jumping on route combinations in the passing game.

The benefits are undeniable if the defense is disciplined and the recognition happens quickly enough. However, like every defense (and offense) there are achilles heels that can be attacked that will put the defenders in a conflict of assignment world. Conflict of assignment is just a fancy way of saying that you are picking on one or two defenders by showing them one thing and actually running something that capitalizes on the bait that they just took!

This week on FirstDown PlayBook we are focusing on ways to attack quarters coverage with the passing game. So far this week we have been focusing on attacking this coverage with the Dropback game but we will switch gears later tonight and tomorrow and also install some great play-action passes that can be hard on quarters coverage. We also will come back later this week here on the Coaches Community site and talk more about what and how we attack this coverage! So stay tuned throughout the week and enjoy this free football play that will make a coach think twice about running quarters coverage against your offense!


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