FirstDown PlayBook Is Three Different Apps
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 3, 2014

We have had a lot of questions lately from our customers who have purchased our Football coaching apps and want to know more about them so we are going to answer a couple of questions that will hopefully help you out.

3 reasons

FirstDown PlayBook Is Three Different Apps

1. I have purchased one of your apps but how do I find the others?

Well here’s the deal. Right now we have three different apps and here is how you find them.

You can go to our website at and at the top of the page we provide you three buttons that take you to the app of your choice.

You can also go directly to the three apps by using these three links:

The DropBack App:

The Special Teams App:

The Youth Football app Tackle & Flag formations:


2. What platforms are your apps on? IOS, Android, web based?

The DropBack app is IOS (Apple) based only. We will expand at some point but right now you need an iPad or iPhone to use this app.

The Special Teams and Youth football apps are web based. If you have a computer, tablet or a smart phone then you can use these apps.

Because we have different platforms for the Special Teams and Youth football apps than we do the DropBack app you will need to create two separate ID’s. One with iTunes and one with FirstDown PlayBook. We keep it very short and straight forward so it’s a pretty simple process.

We hope this helps and remember you can always contact us at if you have other questions. Best wishes with the 2014 season and “keep the drive alive”.
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