FirstDown PlayBook Tuesday 10
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 29, 2015


When you play with a young Quarterback in the NFL you had better be good at setting up positive situations for him. Tampa Bay did just that on Sunday when they found themselves in a 2nd & 16 situation on the Houston 32 yard line.

tb scr fin

On the surface this looks like just a basic hitch screen to #1 that is well blocked and executed, and it is but there are a few critical things that make this play go just under the surface.

  1. Do not throw the screen to JJ Watt’s side. No one in the NFL is better at turning a screen pass into a touchdown…for the defense than Watts so stay away from his side with screens.
  2. It’s 2nd & 16 and you know a young player like Clowney is going to have his ears pinned back ready to get a sack, so he’s a prime candidate to cut on this play and that gets his hands down.
  3. Tampa Bay really only blocks four players on this play. Every defender from the play side tackle over to the weak side is either decoyed with the pass fake or accounted for with a scheme that only requires a minimum block.
  4. Hide the final formation until the last second. Shifting your RB out to #1 can often just be a decoy so this doesn’t alarm anyone on defense and it also shows Winston that he has 2 deep coverage.

So as FirstDown PlayBook was choosing the Tuesday 10 for this week we were impressed with just how well this play was designed and executed. Be sure to check out this one and nine others great NFL plays that show up on the FirstDown PlayBook Tuesday 10 later today!

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