FirstDown PlayBook Welcomes Dr Jen Welter!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 8, 2016


img_6396Here’s the thing about football. It’s for everyone. Everyone who wants to play, coach or follow the game that is. Playing or coaching or being labeled an “expert” on football doesn’t give anyone exclusive rights because it is such a fun game and almost everyone loves it and wants to understand it.

Take our Mom for instance. We did not know her as a young lady but we can’t recall and we are almost willing to bet that she has never thrown or caught a football. Having said that, she loves the game of football! We have personally watched her coach the TV set on Sunday afternoons!

So where are we going with this? Today FirstDown PlayBook is launching a brand new approach to teaching football and we have brought Dr Jen Welter on board to get it done for us and more importantly get it done for you! Who is Jen Welter? Jen was the first female NFL coach in the league’s 96 year history. Talk about knocking down barriers! Think that’s impressive? She also was the first female to strap the pads on and take a handoff against men professionally!

Jen is on to a larger mission now, much larger. She understands that being first is great but it is more important that she’s not the last. Jen’s vision is that football be more accessible for every single person on this planet regardless of if it’s playing the game or just trying to understand it better. FirstDown PlayBook shares that vision and that is why Jen along with special coaching guests are going to coach you up from the ground up. Jen’s first guest of course is FirstDown PlayBook’s Hall of Famer and NFL coach Mike Singletary!


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