Five Man Front Kickoff Return Coming
By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 16, 2017

There are risk and reward scenarios all over the game of football and today we present you with a big one in the Special Teams area. As we have installed our Kickoff Return section in FirstDown PlayBook we have stayed exclusively with the six man front schemes.

The advantages are clear when you do this. The six men up front not only gives the return team a high percentage chance to recover any onside kick attempt, but just by playing this return it discourages the kickoff team from even attempting an onside kick.

Many of the schemes we have installed to this point have included the necessity of executing a strong double team at the point of attack to get the return started. The advantage of dropping one of your six front men back to facilitate this double team can be huge when installing this five man front scheme. So we are going to begin to add these five man Kickoff Return concepts here in the next month or two.

As the video you are about to watch explains, once again football is all about risk and reward. Any good special teams coach knows that the reward of the solid double team to get this return started comes with the risk of having only five men up front to defend the onside kick.


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