Flag Football Man Coverage Tips
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 15, 2019

When you are lining up to play flag football defense you are probably going to be in some type of man coverage unless you are playing on a team that practices a lot and is coordinated enough to play zone. The thing about man coverage is that it is no different than a lot of things in football, in that there are some very important fundamentals to teach if you want to be successful.

None of these are earth shattering, but if you are just out there on the weekends coaching your kid’s flag football team they are basic fundamentals that you can teach and your team can execute help you play better defense. Here are three very basic tips to help your flag football man coverage.

  1. Match your best coverage personnel to their best receiver and let them travel from side to side.
  2. Line your defenders up on different levels to avoid getting rubbed or picked off.
  3. Always take away the inside throw first. Make the quarterback beat you with the longer throw.

We talk about all three of these simple coaching points in this short flag football video so take a look and make the defense work for completions this Saturday when you take the field…


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