Flag Football Receiver Splits Important Too
By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 7, 2018


FirstDown PlayBook caters to a lot of different brands of football. As we half jokingly say from time to time, “If you’re out there on the field with that oblong object called a football then we want to get in on the action with your football plays and playbooks.”

This approach can bring some complexity with it though and one area that we want to talk about today is how we come up with the FirstDown PlayBook splits for the passing game. After all, step back for a moment and understand that we do not know your field size and or configuration when we draw up these football plays.

There are at least three different set of fields for 11 on 11 contact football alone, as the hash marks are different for High School, College and Professional football. This is not even taking in to consideration the arena leagues, Canadian leagues and other similar less known branches of football.

The Flag Football world opens up a whole different set of field logistics, as there are some specifications out there, but let’s face it no one is going to cancel the youth football flag season because the fields can’t be quite up to the specification. However, this does not stop us from helping you out with your flag football splits because they are important too.

The FirstDown PlayBook Draw & Edit tool is going to solve some of this as FirstDown PlayBook will do 90% of the work for you and then you can come in and put the finishing touches on your drawing, splits included. In the meantime, we still want to help you as much as we can, so we have come up with a system for coaching receiver splits that we think helps you with a starting point and also allows you take into consideration the size of the field that you are coaching or playing on.

This Video Will Help You Understand The FDPB Splits For Flag & Tackle Football.


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