Flag Football Single Wing Concepts

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 12, 2020

You may think that Single Wing concepts like the one the Chiefs employed in the Super Bowl are only designed for tackle football. That’s really not true at all.

After all, a lot of what goes into a Single Wing offense is deception and misdirection. If you noticed the formation that Kansas City ended up in, you saw that Mahomes was lined up where he could have taken the snap just as easily as the running back did.

This position is commonly referred to as the “Spinner”. The center actually snapped the ball to a spot directly between Mahomes and the ball carrier. The defense never knew who had the ball until the player actually had it in their hands.

FirstDown PlayBook has a similar formation in our 5v5 flag football offense. We call it Split Backs and it is designed to do the same thing. The defense should not know who is taking the snap until the last possible second.

That’s a helpful advantage because in many of the 5v5 flag leagues the quarterback cannot run the ball. Take a look at this short video and you just might come up with some single wingish ideas for your flag football offense.

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