Flag Football Wrist Sheet In Less Than 3 Minutes
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 21, 2019

Winter and now spring flag football leagues are going full blast and we have had a lot of flag football traffic on the new 2.0 Draw and Edit website.

With the sheer volume of offensive plays as well as defenses that FirstDown PlayBook offers, coupled with new ability to edit the plays and draw your own, FirstDown Playbook is the clear cut choice for flag football coaches in 2019.

The exciting news for today is that you can now print your flag football wrist sheets on FirstDown PlayBook 2.0. This is unbelievably quick and easy. Today’s video shows you how we

1. Created a flag football playbook.

2. Added 12 flag football plays to the playbook.

3. Printed that wrist sheet out.

The kicker is we did it in less than three minutes. If you are the least bit skeptical we recorded it for today’s ¬†FirstDown PlayBook video!

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