Flank Formation Is Full Of Problems For Defenses
By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 7, 2017

If you have two or more good blocking Tight Ends on your offense then Flank formation and the balanced attack that goes with it should be a part of your football playbook. The balance comes in the form of having your skill receivers in the slot to one side and the edge run threat to the other.

This makes defensive coordinators think twice before rolling up to your wing side and leaving themselves a man short to the passing game threat on the weak side. Pair your wing running game up with the bubble to the slot receivers and a defense can get stretched thin very quickly.

Today and the rest of this week we will be installing several great run football plays out of Flank formation so be sure to get over there and see how we block this part of our football playbook up vs all of the different defensive fronts! Bang on this football play to learn more and get the coaching points!


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