FlexBone Speed Option Install
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 17, 2018


We did a good job last week of keeping up with your FirstDown PlayBook installations despite being so busy in Charlotte at the AFCA convention. What we are a little behind on is giving you a brief rundown on what we installed.

Here is one of last weeks installations. We drew up the Speed Option out of the FlexBone formation and also Two Tight formations. This play draws up nicely against most fronts and there is little reason to check out of it which is helpful at the high school level and younger. Of course you will see that we have this drawn up against 15 different defensive looks like all of our Varsity run plays in FirstDown PlayBook.

Another reason we like this play out of the FlexBone formation so much is that with the FlexBone you are often bringing one of your slotbacks in motion for your run game. When running the Speed Option it gives you a chance to snap the ball on the quick count and not allow safety rotation to happen quite as quickly as it does when you short orbit motion.

So as we drive deeper into 2018 and clinic season be sure to get into this football play as we have drawn it up agains enough looks to carry you into deeper chalk talks about how you want to run this play. Take a quick look at this video to get you started.


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