Formation Your 3 Step Passing Game
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 19, 2017

If you want to throw your three step game, you can do yourself and your quarterback a lot of favors if you line up in a formation that will help dictate the coverage you want. Today’s quick video is an example of this, using one of the varsity pass plays that we installed yesterday on FirstDown PlayBook.

One thing that will never change about the game of football is that if the offense is running the football well, the defense is going to find a way to get extra defenders involved to stop this from happening. Whenever the defense does this, they often will close the middle of the field and roll a safety down to the strong side. (Excuse us quarters coverage coaches, there are other ways to attack you!)

So consider this. If you want to throw your 3 step passing game or it is third down and 3-5 yards and you know the defense is going to be chomping at the bit to knock your running game sideways with an eight man box, invite them to do just that.  This short video talks about how you can take advantage of this with your 3 step passing game.


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