Former NFL OC Steve Fairchild Talks Red Zone
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 5, 2018

Often times there is a game inside of a game when it comes to football. It might be at the fan level when you, the coach, watch the football game on TV with your buddy who makes a lot more money than you but knows a lot less football. He is watching the same thing you are but what you see and what he sees… two different galaxies.

When USA Football’s Keith Grabowski and FirstDown PlayBook had the opportunity to talk with Steve Fairchild this week we were reminded of this very thing. We asked Steve to come on the Coach & Coordinator podcast and talk about how his mind works once he is calling plays in the red zone and we definitely got our money’s worth.

Our thoughts were that Steve was an incredible resource for this. After all, Steve played quarterback in high school and then at Colorado State. His coaching career led him a little bit of everywhere including coaching for the Chargers, working with football minds like Mike Martz at the Rams and coordinating the offense for the Buffalo Bills. Steve’s talent was obvious and his alma matter Colorado State ended up bringing him back to be the head coach.

With almost every situation we talked about on this podcast Steve mentioned a “situation inside of that situation”. He also made references to “that is a whole podcast within itself”. Steve understands that inside of every high level football game, the offensive coordinator, the defensive coordinator and the quarterback are in a constant chess match that involves more than singular or linear thinking. Listen in because you’re going to enjoy (and learn) from this.

If you want to see the red zone plays that Steve coaches up on the podcast then bang on this link and we have them right here for you. Also, if you want to get trained by someone who has actually coached the game of football and quarterbacks at the highest level then  tap on this link to contact Steve about Quarterback Training.

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