Frenzy Fire Zone Install
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 1, 2017

At first glance this appears to be just a normal cross dog pressure but if you’re the offense and make that mistake your Quarterback is going to get a whole lot of safety barreling down on him before he can even get into his drop.

We are calling this zone dog pressure “Frenzy” as the cross dog is only the beginning of the headache for the offensive line and Running Back. The Free Safety is not dropping down to cover the mid hook like he does on a lot of cross dog pressures. He’s not adding on or “green dog” pressuring either. He is splitting the two linebackers as he creates a five man pressure with both ends dropping.

We started working on this yesterday and we should have most of the drawings to you by the next 24 hours or so. As usual we will draw this up against multiple formations and include motion and trade adjustments also. Why so much detail? Well because anyone can draw up plays and defenses against the one thing that it works against. We take the time to show you what it looks like vs multiple looks from your opponent even if it isn’t always pretty!

So enjoy this video and know that there is this and so much more when you are a FirstDown PlayBook member!


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