Frenzy Pressure Adjustments Today
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 9, 2017

It can take awhile to install a FirstDown PlayBook football play or defense. The reason is we really try to be extremely thorough with each and every install. As you know that means including coaching points with each and every football play but that’s just the beginning.

Let’s take today’s install for instance. We installed a new zone dog pressure last week called Frenzy. We installed the pressure and fitted it up vs five different offensive formations. That was just the first step though. Today we begin working on what we do for every FirstDown PlayBook defense. We will go in and begin to draw up the defensive adjustments to motions and trades for all five of those formations.

This short video explains exactly what you can expect from each and every FirstDown PlayBook defense and why it’s worth the wait when it comes to FirstDown PlayBook installs!

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